Sefapane Lodges and Safaris

Sefapane Lodges and Safaris

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Accommodation Category: Bed And Breakfast, Conference Venue, Kruger Park, Limpopo, and Self-cateringAccommodation Tags: Family Holiday, kruger-park, phalaborwa, phalaborwa-gate, sefapane, and Sefapane Lodges and Safaris

Child Policy
Important Information
  • Sefapane Main Lodge

    Located within 1km from the Phalaborwa gate of the world-renowned Kruger National Park, the resort-style Sefapane Lodge offers over 23 years of service to guests from across the globe.

    Comprising 30 Rondavels and 20 Safari Houses, Sefapane Lodge offers the ideal spot from which to explore the Kruger National Park and the surrounding regions.

    The sprawling, established bush gardens encompass two rustic dams, suited to catch & release fishing, as well as a variety of spectacular indigenous birdlife.

    Sefapane Lodge further offers onsite facilities such as Tusk Bar, Calabash Grill, Misava Massages and a Sefapane Kids playground and activity calendar.

    Safari Houses

    Enjoy the freedom of living in one of our 20 fully equipped self-catering Safari House, where you set the pace and decide how to spend your time.

    Safari Houses are individually decorated, each offering a unique style, and accommodate up to 10 guests. Nestled alongside our dams, with wrap around verandas a Safari House offers you prime viewing of the prolific birdlife that has made Sefapane Lodge their home and offers open plan living onto the gardens.

    Each house is fully furnished and depending on the house, can accommodate from 6 – 10 guests in truly relaxed safari style.


    Looking for the perfect place to lose track of time?

    Book into one of 30 Rondawels, all set within our sprawling gardens under a canopy of mature bushveld trees, where the resident birdlife offer a daily show of colours and sounds in the trees and on the water.

    Rondavels are styled in an African theme and accessed via pathways running throughout the lodge.

    Guests can choose from one of three Rondavel types: standard, deluxe or family, as may suit the group size.


    Sefapane Banqueting & Events

    Sefapane Lodge & Safaris welcomes you to the doorstep the Kruger National Park where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Our resort atmosphere allows you to use the property in a variety of ways, suitable to different events. Enjoy comfortable venues and meeting facilities during the day and break away into the Kruger National Park for game viewing, bush-braais and team building.

    Sefapane Lodge offers two multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate conferences, events, and private dinners.

    Teambuilding, Event, Bosberaad and Overnight Conferencing rates are available on request as our team will tailor-make a quote suited to your event needs.

    Sefapane Lodge offers you a unique wedding setting. Our multi-purpose rooms can be transformed into your reception venue, while our sprawling gardens give you a perfect setting for memorable photographs.

    The outdoor boma offers the option of having an outdoor ‘braai’ in an African Bush atmosphere following a full day conference.  It is also used as a venue for a bush braai following a night drive into Kruger.

    Tusk Bar

    Decorated with a Shebeen-chic twist, Tusk Bar is a sunken bar with a low hanging thatch roof that almost runs into the swim-up bar, meeting the main pool.

    Accommodating up to 80 guests, Tusk Bar offers a perfect place to unwind after an exhilarating day of sightseeing and activity.

    Offering a menu of divine cocktails and delicious snack baskets, it is sure to be the place where you while away your hot summer days and party through our temperate nights.

    Calabash Grill

    Dining at Sefapane Lodge is a celebration of African flavours, fused with modern favorites and local specialties.

    Calabash Grill comprises an 80-seat, open-air restaurant that overlooks the gardens, main pool, and Tusk Bar.

    Open for breakfast and dinner. The restaurant is decorated in a style expected of a bush lodge, with solid wood chairs, beautiful Shwe-Shwe linen accents and artworks sourced from local, community-based suppliers

    Misava Massages

    Named after the local Tsonga word for Earth, Misava Massages offers you a range of relaxing massage treatments using South African products, made from local plants and herbs.

    You can enjoy your treatments within the privacy of an African Rondavel, in your own room or an outdoor spot in our gardens.

    Misava Massages invites you to enjoy the ancient rhythms of nature, re-discover harmony, and balance, forget your daily burdens and find new vitality and a zest for life

    Sefapane Kids

    A welcome feature at Sefapane Lodge is that our property is free of dangerous game and the gardens and playground open to young visitors to enjoy at their leisure (always of course under the watchful eyes of Mom & Dad).

    During school holidays, a Sefapane Kids activity calendar is run by our capable staff, which incorporates a variety of exciting activities.  Please enquire upon making your reservations.

    Sefapane Kids love nature!

    Main Lodge Activities

    Sefapane Lodge is a proud member of Birdlife South Africa.  The landscaped gardens and dams at the lodge are home to a large number of resident birdlife.

    A Sefapane Bird Guide is available in your Rondavel/Safari House and guests can book an on-site guided Birding Exercise through Guest Services.

  • Normal Rates:

    Standard Rondavels - R 850.00 per person sharing, R 1150.00 Single bed and breakfast
    Deluxe Rondavels - R 1120.00 per person sharing, R 1380 Single bed and breakfast
    Family Rondavels - R 1120.00 per adult, R 270.00 for children below 13 years and R 570.00 for children below 18 years bed and breakfast
    Self-catering safari houses - R 3200.00 per house per night (each house sleeps 8 people and some 6 people)

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  • Restaurant
    Misava Spa
    Conference/Meeting Room
    2 Swimming pools
    Laundry Services

  • Children of all ages are welcome at Sefapane Lodge. We encourage parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones around the open dams and pools whilst they enjoy any of the following activities at their leisure:

    A second pool geared for kids
    A jungle gym with slide that ends in the pool
    Catch-and-release fishing in the dams
    Birding activities in the gardens
    Mountain biking allowed on designated paths throughout the lodge.
    Enjoy our sprawling lawn for outdoor games.
    Babysitting service on request

    Children are allowed on various SAFARI ACTIVITIES in both the Kruger National Park and at our private reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park.

    All ages:

    River safari,
    Animal Rehabilitation Centre
    Blyde River Canyon
    From 6 years:

    Open vehicle safaris in the Kruger National Park.
    From 12 years:

    Mountain bike safari in the Kruger National Park.
    From 16 Years:

    Walking safari in the Kruger National Park
    A babysitting service is available for parents who might want to enjoy safaris with older siblings, whilst little ones are cared for at the lodge by our capable, caring staff.

    ACCOMMODATION RATES: children below the ages of 13, pay R 270.00 bed and breakfast and Children above 13 but below 18 years of age pay R 550.00

  • Cancellation Fees;
    Cancelled within 4-3 weeks prior to arrival 50%
    Cancelled within 3-2 weeks prior to arrival 75%
    Cancelled within 2 weeks prior to arrival 100%

  • Check in time is after 14h00 and check out is at 10h00
    When booking Sefapane River Lodge, Please note that guests MUST check in at Sefapane Reception at 15h00.
    Please arrive before 16h00 if you have an evening safari on the day of arrival
    An indemnity form has to be completed and signed by every guest partaking in safaris