Tourism Update: New development Kruger gets the nod

A new tented safari lodge will be developed in the Kruger National Park, following approval from the Department of Environmental Affairs. The planned developent Kruger 240-bed Malelane Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park has got the nod of approval from the Department of Environmental Affairs. Michael Wright, Director and Shareholder of Malelane Safari Resort Investments, told Tourism Update the department had notified it of approval on Thursday. The Department of Environmental Affairs had approved the development last year, but five appellants subsequently [...]

Mother’s Day Special – 5 Nights – Mozambique

Mother’s Day on Sunday, 8 May 2016, celebrates the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figures. Mother’s Day is celebrated in different countries.  Ever thought what this special day is called in other languages?  Fête des Mères (French), Muttertag (German), Día de la Madre (Spanish), Morsdag (Norwegian), Moederdag (Dutch), Ziua Mamei (Romanian), Moedersdag (Afrikaans) Bring tribute to motherhood this Mother’s Day and book a 5 night Mozambique break at Rio Azul Lodge Mozambique Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Rio Azul Mozambique is [...]

Good times are over…what a bump for motorists!

Going away the weekend? Fill up fast before Midnight Last change today to fill up your vehicles, making use of the lower fuel price getting to your destination. The announcement of petrol price increases effective from 6 April 2016, looks to be one of the worst yet. The has announced that 95 unleaded petrol is going up by 88 cents a litre and 93 unleaded is increasing by 86 cents a litre. At the coast, 95 octane petrol will cost R12.39 cents a litre and [...]