Antbear Lodge

Antbear Lodge

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Accommodation Category: Attractions, Bed And Breakfast, Birding, Conference Venue, Guest House, Honeymoon, Horse Safaris, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Lodge, Malaria Free, Pet Friendly, Team building, Volunteering, and Wedding VenueAccommodation Tags: Drakensberg, estcourt, hiking, midlands, and mountain

Special Offers
Child Policy
Normal Rates
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  • The Antbear Lodge is situated in the Drakensberg Mountains and is a perfect base to explore the very best of what this region offers. The Drakensberg Mountains are renowned for their dramatic natural beauty spectacular mountain scapes, waterfalls and sunsets. And don’t forget about the bushman rock art paintings made by the San people over a period of 4000 years. Come and be inspired by their history and spirituality.

    Antbear Lodge is a unique and inspiring lodge  and is likely to be one of your most remembered accommodation venues ever. It offers great value for money together with an intimate and personal experience. No big hotels here. Just friendly and welcoming hospitality with excellent home cooked food, superb walks and hikes, reading in front of the fireplace and pleasant company.
    A perfect base from which to experience everything that the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands have in store for you.
    The luxury cave is the most unique and best accommodation available. Built under a rock, glass doors open onto a wooden deck with hammock chairs and an uninterrupted view of the Drakensberg Mountains. We also offer a private dining experience where we setup a table on the deck of your cave and you dine by candlelight under the stars.

    Each of the units are different and are separate from each other creating a feeling of generosity. The rooms are smartly appointed and individually designed for comfort. And have the features like fireplaces and jacuzzi spa baths. We have put a huge amount of effort into making our own wooden furniture which includes tables, chairs, headboards, windows, doors and light fittings. In fact you will discover unique and eccentric wooden furniture everywhere in the lodge. Artistic design is captured through wooden hinges, engraved glass and mosaics. If you feel like seeing how we make our furniture feel free to put your nose into our workshop.

    We are one of those places where everyone dines together. It makes for great conversation is and is a perfect opportunity to plan your next day. We use our own organic vegetable garden. We have our own chickens for eggs, cows for milk, make own cheese, butter and yogurt and bake our own bread. Sustainability is a huge part of the ethos of our lodge.

    We have used alternative materials like straw bales to build the place and use solar for heating water and a reed bed filter cleaning waste water.

    We also offer horse trails ideally suited to beginners. we practice the softer horse whispering methods to train our horses and go for gentle outrides on the farm
    And the owner  have a pilots licence and a microlight at the lodge and if the weather is fine helove to take guests with him. To glide with vultures, game viewing from the air or fly along the Drakensberg escarpment is one of those experiences never forgotton

    If you are looking for a place where art, beauty and time away are important then Antbear Lodge is worth a second look. We invite you to came and share some of our dream, some of our alternative, sustainable and relaxed way of life

    Volunteering in South Africa

    We offer visitors a unique opportunity of a volunteer program for those of you who would like to spend a bit of time learning how to live this alternative lifestyle or would like to give something back to this wonderful world we live in.  We promise to offer you the experience of a lifetime as you assist and adapt to the on going conservation work, alternative building styles, organic gardening and participate in our social responsibility program that we support. This is your chance to give something back and make a difference to the future of our natural environment…all while having an exhilarating African adventure!

    Volunteers can look forward to learning our unique style of woodwork, working with horses, helping out in the organic garden, assisting in the kitchen and so much more. Its about what you want to get out of this and we try to fit in around what you want to get out of it.

    We offer accommodation and food in exchange for your contribution of effort. This is not about cheap labor and nor is it about cheap holiday options. So we have structured it like this. Volunteer for less than 3 weeks and we will ask to to contribute R250 per day towards accommodation and food costs. We find however that volunteers that stay longer than 3 weeks get into our rhythm and way of doing things and start to add value to our projects. Then we just do a straight swap of accommodation for effort.

    Reference letters at the end of your working adventure can also be arranged.

  • Special offers will be provided at the time of enquiry.

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  • Address: Drakensberg near to Giants Castle
    South Africa
  • Facilities:

    Fabulous mountain weddings where we offer a spectacular natural setting together with our beautiful lodge facilities for the reception.
    Breathtaking views
    Fireplaces in the lodge for cozy winter days
    Spacious dining room with wood burning fireplace
    Comfortable lounge with fire place
    Meeting room
    Large Veranda
    Venues for retreats, team building or training activities
    Hiking trails
    Horse trails

    Attractions such as:
    Giants Castle
    Weenen Game Reserve
    Drakensberg boys choir
    Bushman rock art made by San people over a period of 4000 years.

  • Child Policy:

    Children under 11 are half price
    Babies under 2 are not charged for

  • Rooms:

    44 persons in 15 separate accommodation units
    That rustic country feeling has been kept without losing any comfort. Candles are used extensively for atmosphere, as are the fireplaces.

    This LUXURY CAVE is a Drakensberg accommodation unit that consists of a tastefully decorated en-suite bedroom with a Jacuzzi spa bath adjoining a lounge with open fireplace. Glass doors open on to a deck with an uninterrupted panoramic view of more than 180 degrees from Giants Castle right through to the Amphitheater and including the rolling foothills of the Bushman’s River Valley.

    The LUXURY SUITES have jacuzzi baths and private lounges with their own fireplaces. The beds are king size double beds with a spacious bedroom and generous lounge. The bathroom includes has a jacuzzi spa bath as well as a separate shower. The all have stunning views looking out onto the rolling hills of the Natal Midlands and the Drakensberg Mountains

    Some of the EN- SUITE DOUBLES have jacuzzi baths in the bath room others have only a shower. The lounge is part of the bedroom and contains an open wood burning fireplace. What makes the en-suite double rooms special is that they are spaciousness. The bedroom has a queen size double bed and the rooms open onto a small veranda.

  • Terms:

    Cancellations 0 to 14 days prior forfeit 100% of the deposit.
    Cancellations 14 to 28 days prior forfeit 50% of the deposit.
    Cancellations more than 28 days prior forfeit 25% of the deposit.

  • Normal Rates:

    Rates will be advised
    Range from R1485 to R3100 per room per night

    Activity rates below in word file to download.