57 Waterberg – Fifty Seven Waterberg Lodge

57 Waterberg – Fifty Seven Waterberg Lodge

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  • 57 Waterberg – Fifty Seven Waterberg

    Welgevonden Game Reserve

    Fifty Seven Waterberg luxury lodge in the Welgevonden reserve is situated three hours north of Johannesburg. Fifty Seven Waterberg, a perfect choice for a weekend break or a romantic getaway.  This gem is nestled in the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve and home to the Big Five in a malaria-free area.


    The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve was declared an official UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Previously known as MolenVliet Lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg is a magnificent five-star establishment and is synonymous with tranquillity, solitude and luxury; not to mention the surroundings of the breathtaking panoramic views of the Waterberg mountains.

    Guests can unwind next to the infinity pool that overlooks a shallow valley and mountain stream that flows to a waterhole.  Cooler nights can be enjoyed at the boma around a welcoming fire under a starry sky – a very special place to be savoured by the discerning individual.  The boma is definitely the best setting to experience the bright stars in the Welgevonden Reserve.

    Fifty Seven Waterberg Main Lodge area

    Fifty Seven Waterberg Main Lodge area


    The spacious suites are placed strategically along the small hill to provide maximum privacy and intimacy. All are equipped with a relaxing private patio – deck where you can enjoy magnificent views of the bushveld.

    The three suite types on offer are five (5) classic suites, four (4) luxury suites, and one (1) honeymoon suite. All suites sleep two.

    Honeymoon suite – No3

    The honeymoon suite is equipped with a heated jet pool. It overlooks the waterhole, ravine and is situated next to a large rock fig tree.

    • King sized bed – sleeps two
    • Air conditioning and fireplace
    • Shower, bath, double vanity and toilet
    • Dressing room, safe, writer’s desk, armchair and private patio
    • Non-smoking
    • Heated jet pool
    • Outside shower
    Fifty Seven Waterberg - Honeymoon suite exterior

    Fifty Seven Waterberg – Honeymoon suite exterior

    Luxury Suite – Suite Number 7, 8, 9, 10

    Four luxury suites are equipped with private solar heated plunge pools for the ultimate de-stressing pleasure or sipping on a glass of sparkling wine.

    • King sized bed – sleeps two
    • Fans, air conditioning and fireplace
    • Shower, bath, double vanity and separate toilet
    • Dressing room, safe, writer’s desk, armchair and private patio
    • Non-smoking
    • Solar heated plunge pool
    • Suite 9 & 10 have interleading doors and can be set up as a family unit and have closed bathrooms
    • Suite 9 & 10 can be set up as a twin
    • Suite 7 & 8 have open baths and showers, however the WC is closed
    Fifty Seven Waterberg - LUXURY suite exterior

    Fifty Seven Waterberg – LUXURY suite exterior

    Classic Suite – Suite Number 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

    The five spacious classic suites are placed strategically along the small hill to provide maximum privacy and intimacy. All are equipped with king-sized beds and relaxing private deck where you can unwind while listening to the birds sing.

    • King sized bed – sleeps two (four of the five rooms can be converted to a twin room)
    • Fans and air conditioning
    • Shower, bath, double vanity and separate toilet
    • Dressing room, safe, writer’s desk, armchair and private patio
    • Non-smoking
    Fifty Seven Waterberg - CLASSIC suite exterior

    Fifty Seven Waterberg – CLASSIC suite exterior

    Game Drives:

    Game drives operate in the early mornings and late afternoons when viewing is at its best. Enjoy a crisp morning game drive with the beauty of the rising African sun as well as an evening drive, where the animals can be viewed with the aid of a spotlight.

    Fifty Seven Waterberg - Big 5 Game Viewing

    Fifty Seven Waterberg – Big 5 Game Viewing

    Common Areas – Swimming Pool:

    Cool down and relax in the hot African sun and enjoy your favourite drink at our heated infinity pool while enjoying the sights and sounds of the tranquil African bush.

    Common Areas – Curio Shop, Lounge, Bar, Dining Room and Boma:

    At the main lodge area, meals are served in the dining room. Drinks can be enjoyed either at the cosy inside bar or the outside deck area with fire pit, which overlooks the waterhole. For a real South African treat, guests can unwind next to the boma fire under the spectacular Milky Way. The curio shop is stocked with an array of luxury clothing, trinkets, gifts and basic toiletries.

     Conference Events and Weddings:

    The lodge can be arranged for the purposes of catering, corporate retreats and breakaways. There are numerous “breakout” areas for brainstorming, workshops and idea generation. Small, intimate weddings can also be arranged.

    Food & Beverage:

    All meals are included, selected beverages are included (breakfast beverages, selected local bar items on game drives) and all other beverages are to be purchased on site.

    Fifty Seven Waterberg - Boma Dinner

    Fifty Seven Waterberg – Boma Dinner




    The lodge consists of 10 suites, accommodating 20 adults (excluding children). Meals are served at the communal main lodge areas.


    DO YOU CATER FOR VEGETARIANS?   Yes, but due to our remote location, please ensure that you communicate your requirements well in advance.

    CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD / BEVERAGES?   Unfortunately not. All beverages to be purchased on site from our cash bar.

    DO YOU HAVE WIFI?    Yes, free of charge.


    • Collection time: 13h30, standard.
    • Collection point: Welgevonden West Gate, where you must leave your vehicle – there is 24-hour security.
    • Please inform us of your estimated time of arrival.
    • Phone the lodge when you reach Vaalwater.
    • Early collection time: 11h30 (access to suite will only be at 14h00).
    • Any other collection time will carry a R500 surcharge.
    • Specify any dietary requirements well in advance.
    • Arrival lunch: 14h00.
    • Please do not use the lodge on Google maps for directions, but rather the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve West Gate or the map on our contact us page. Collection and drop off from the Welgevonden Main Gate can be arranged at additional costs.

    DO I HAVE MY OWN GAME VIEWER FOR EXCLUSIVE USE?   Game drives occur collectively as a group; maximum 10 guests per vehicle allowed.

    CAN I SELF-DRIVE IN WELGEVONDEN?  No, your vehicle must be left at the Welgevonden West Gate – there is 24-hour security.

    CAN I WALK/RUN IN WELGEVONDEN?   Welgevonden is home to the Big 5 and should not be approached.

    DO YOU HAVE A SPA?    We offer in-room spa treatments.

    IS THE LODGE LOCATED IN A MALARIA AREA?     No, we are in a Malaria-free area. The malaria risk map as released by the Department of Health


    Daily game drives take place in the mornings between 5h00 and 6h00 and in the afternoon at 15h00 or 16h00 and lasts approximately 2,5 – 3 hours. This may change due to weather and seasonal conditions. Breakfast is at 9h00 (dependent on game drive arrival), lunch 13h00, dinner 19h30.


    Sunscreen, insect repellent (don’t worry too much – we are a malaria free area), hat, bathing suit, closed shoes when walking between suites, warm clothing, reading material, binoculars. Cash / credit card should you want to buy something from our curio shop or would like to tip the staff.


    Relax, you are in the bush, we recommend practical and comfortable clothing; no need to dress to impress. Please remember warm clothes such as scarves, gloves, beanies and jackets; especially in Winter (May – September). May we suggest earthy and neutral colours in order to blend in with nature.


    Children older than 6 years are allowed but please contact us regarding our child policy.


    The climate of the Waterberg area can be described as warm temperate with three distinct seasons. From May to July it is dry with mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 22.3°C and 2.6°C respectively. Ground frosts occur regularly, particularly in low-lying areas. From August to October, daily temperatures begin to rise, with mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 27.6 °C and 8.6°C respectively, and although generally dry, occasional thunderstorms develop. The annual wet season extends from November to April, with mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 29.3°C and 14.5°C respectively.


    This is a matter of personal choice but there is no good or bad time to visit.

    Here are a few “Pros” of each season:

    SUMMER (Nov – Feb)


    • Lots of greenery and baby animals
    • Good for colourful photography
    • Pleasant early mornings and evenings with long days

    AUTUMN (Feb – May)


    • Crisp mornings, less rain
    • Beautiful Autumn colours
    • Animals are healthy

    WINTER (May – Aug)


    • Easy to spot wildlife
    • Almost no rain
    • Less insects and mosquitos

    SPRING (Aug – Nov)


    • Good birding time
    • Great climate
    • Nature is starting to blossom

    Contact us now for a customised quotation at Fifty Seven Waterberg – Email

  • Enquire about any special offers we might have at the time of your enquiry

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  • Address: Site 57, Welgevonden Game Reserve, Vaalwater, Limpopo, South Africa
    Kruger Park
    South Africa
  • Facilities:

    Landing Facilities:
    Welgevonden also offers landing facilities for light aircraft and helicopters by prior arrangement.

    The main lodge’s entertaining areas are encircled by a wooden deck, where guests can relax and enjoy the scenic views.

    Facilities include the following:
    • Swimming Pool
    • Lounge
    • Bar
    • Dining room
    • Boma
    • Free Wifi at main lodge area
    • In Room Spa treatments

  • Child Policy:

    Unfortunately, we do not accommodate children under the age of six (6) years unless the entire lodge is booked for exclusive use. Children aged 6 and older that are allocated a suite/bed will have first option on game drives, whereas children sharing a suite with their parents will only be able to go on a game drive if there is availability on the day. A seat is not guaranteed on the game vehicle. An extra bed can be set up in suite to accommodate up to two (2) small children in the suite with their parents.

  • Rooms:

    The three suite types on offer are five (5) classic suites, four (4) luxury suites, and one (1) honeymoon suite. All suites sleep two. 

    Classic suites may use the communal pool at the main building whereas the Luxury suites have private solar-heated plunge pools. The honeymoon suite has its own heated jet pool and outdoor shower. Classic suites have a traditional atmosphere and luxury and honeymoon suites have a contemporary atmosphere.

  • Terms:

    Upon request

    Cancellation Policy

    0 – 30 days prior to arrival date forfeit 100% of accommodation value.
    31 – 60 days prior to arrival date forfeit 50% of accommodation value.
    61+ days prior to arrival date will be charged a 5% administration fee on total accommodation value.

  • Normal Rates:

    Enquire for Rates

    *Min two night stay over weekends, excludes Welgevonden conservation levy and drinks. All beverages to be purchased on site. Includes 3 meals (breakfast, light lunch, dinner), 2 game drives (morning & late afternoon).
    Rate Include:
    Light lunch
    Two game drives per day
    Collection at the West gate at 13h30 – any other collection time will be charged at R500.

    Rates exclude:
    Conservation fee.