Jock Safari Lodge – Kruger National Park

Jock Safari Lodge – Kruger National Park

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  • Jock Safari Lodge

    Kruger National Park

    Jock Safari Lodge offers legendary experiences in the Kruger National Park.  Jock Safari Lodges is situated in the South-Western corner of the Kruger National Park, half way between Skukuza and Malelane gates approximately 35 km in both directions with only 3 km of dirt road

    Where nearly 2 million hectares of an unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights – this is real Africa. The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.

    Nestled at the confluence of the Mitomeni* and Biyamiti* rivers at the southern tip of the world famous Kruger National Park, the legend lives on of the story of an intrepid explorer, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his trusted dog, Jock. The lodge is situated on 6 000 ha of pristine bushveld and for the exclusive use of the discerning Jock guests.

    The lodge has been built to the most stringent eco-management criteria in South Africa, audited by Kruger National Park and DEAT (Department of Environment and Tourism) on a bi-annual basis. Off road driving on the concession is not permitted at any time as the damage a vehicle does to the veld takes up to 2 years to repair.  An aerial survey has shown the true damage that off-road driving has done to the environment in the past. Jock Safari Lodge has a 100% commitment to maintaining a low impact on the footprint that is Jock in order to remain true to the overall conservation ethic of the Shamwari Group and in order to preserve this unique heritage for future generations.

    Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

    This luxurious reserve offers us glimpses of bygone days of the gold diggings of the Eastern Transvaal, where adventurers like Irish-born Fitzpatrick traversed the rugged Lowveld and escarpment en route to the beautiful African port of Delagoa Bay now known as Maputo in Mozambique.  Sir Percy Fitzpatrick transported provisions by ox wagon from the coast to the gold digging villages, assisted by his constant companion, Jock.  Fitzpatrick outwitted crocodile infested rivers, malaria-carrying mosquitoes, and man-eating lions while having to hunt for the pot, traversing and sleeping under immense African skies.


    The concept of Jock Safari Lodge was born by the descendants of the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and Niven Family. They used the funds of the trust of Sir Fitzpatrick, to build the lodge in the area close to where the history of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick & his dog Jock, took place. The Southern boundary is the old Voortrekker road, which was the transport route for supplies from the Delagoa bay which is now Maputo, up to the gold fields at Pilgrims Rust areas. The Jock concession is the exact side profile of Jock the dog.


    In 1982, the Niven Family built a fence around the camp and that helped in preserving all the trees from destruction by visiting elephants. The conservation-conscious Niven family also planted indigenous trees within the fenced area & they have grown to create an ambience under a canopy of shade different to the exposed wilderness just outside of the lodge

    Activities at Jock Safari Lodge

    Guest Activities

    Game drives can last up to 3 hours each and are conducted twice a day in open vehicles (Families traveling with children younger than 6 years old, will enjoy their game drives in a closed vehicle for safety reasons)

    Game Drives & Walks

    Morning and evening drives are performed in covered 4×4 Landrovers conducted by highly experienced rangers.

    Traversing through the reserve, the wildlife is sometimes staggering in its diversity. Enthralling sightings of elephants, a sea of buffalo horns rising from the grass as they lie resting in the growing heat as well as prides of lions, awaits one.

    At dusk, a vantage point is chosen to overlook one of the many breathtaking vistas of the Kruger National Park.  Sundowners are enjoyed while tales of the bush are told and a glimpse of what this unique wilderness has to offer is seen while being entranced by the ever-changing colours of the sky as the sun slips into the timeslot of tomorrow. En route back to the lodge, nocturnal animals such as leopardhyena and lion are often seen.

    Walking Safari’s are encouraged, after a hearty breakfast, moving through the veld enjoying vistas of unsurpassed beauty and discovering one’s place in the cycle of nature. The diversity of fauna and flora in this unique concession truly comes alive when viewed on foot.

    Pilgrims Rest Spa

    Pilgrim’s Rest, named after the quaint historical mining town featured so prominently in “Jock of the Bushveld” and still in existence today, was a place to rest, rejuvenate and restock.  So too is the Relaxation Retreat at Jock Safari Lodge.

    The Pilgrims Rest Retreat offers an escape to enjoy some pampering. Awaken your senses and allow us to rejuvenate body, mind, and soul. Inspired by surrounding elements that guide us, our selection of body and beauty treatments cater for men and women.

    Flora & Fauna

    Personally assigned rangers will delight in sharing their knowledge of this astounding natural treasure trove of the bushveld and slowly the mysteries of the wild unfold.  Every game drive is a discovery of Nature and the magic of Jock.


    For the avid birdwatcher, abundant species of bird are regularly seen on the concession including raptors such as the Martial, Tawny, and Fish Eagles as well as Steppe Buzzards.

    A wide variety of Bushveld Birds is spotted from the comfort of one’s room or whilst lying next to the Rock Pool. Most commonly seen are Hornbills, Starlings, Boubou’s, Shrikes and Woodpeckers to name but a few.

    Rock Art

    Throughout the concession, rock art sites dating back more than 3 000 years are found depicting the spiritual beliefs and lives of the San. During their travels, members of the tribe would congregate around a communal fire, weaving stories and celebrating the gift of life while the Shaman would meditate through rhythmic dancing, singing and clapping and while in a trance, receive visions and guidance. This medicine man would ensure the well-being of the tribe, protecting them from evil and sickness, predicting the future and ensuring good hunting and rains.

    These experiences of the Shaman were depicted to the tribe in the form of the rock art seen today. The various sites that were chosen were also very symbolic, the rock depicting the medium between the different realms the Shaman had travelled in his trancelike state. Rock was the medium where 3 worlds met: the world as we know it, the world above and the world below.

    Ingredients used for the paint consisted of red ochre, animal bones, coal, and aloe sap. The sap and protein in egg and blood have the ability to preserve the art that exists today. The highlight of a day in paradise is a guided walk to view some of the rock art that abound in and around Jock Safari Lodge. One gets a heightened awareness moving through the bush on foot and a newfound respect for the San who found a way to co-exist with Nature, leaving only a few mystical daubings on the rocks as proof of their fleeting visit and the simplicity of their ways, giving one a new understanding and meaning to our fast paced existence.


    With the absence of artificial light, the stargazing at Jock Safari Lodge is phenomenal and amongst the best in Southern Africa.

    Romantic stories of gods and goddesses banished to the heavens are woven into astronomical facts and unfolds before one’s eyes.  How better to end a blissful day at Jock but to sit reflecting under the star studded-canopy of African skies, the vastness of infinite galaxies stretching before one.

    Leopard Creek Golf Club

    Jock Safari Lodge offers all golfers free transfers to Leopard Creek Golf Club just outside the Malelane Gate of the Kruger National Park.

    All transfers are made on a game viewing vehicle so your transfer is a game drive in itself!

  • Safari Destinations do offer discounted rates. Discounts depends on when the booking is for, the amount of people and duration of stay. Better rates are guaranteed.

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  • Address: Jock Safari Lodge, Skukuza, Kruger National Park
    South Africa
  • Facilities:

    Facilities at Jock Safari Lodge
    • Relaxation Retreat with hydro bath, steam room, sauna and exercise room
    • Gift boutique
    • In and outdoor dining facilities
    • Library with television and DVD player
    • Pool with deck
    • Internet access is available
    Celebrate the romance and elegance of a bygone era…
    • 6 000 ha of exclusive traversing in the first private concession set in over 2 million ha of Kruger National Park
    • Situated on the confluence of two rivers (Biyamiti & Mitomeni River)
    • Walking safaris to some of the oldest Bushmen rock art in Africa (approx 3 000 years old)
    • Relive one of South Africa’s cultural heritages through the story of Jock of the Bushveld. Original mementos can be found at the main lodge
    • With an estimated 34 different species of Amphibians in Kruger, Jock Safari Lodge ranks as one of the best places for Frogging Safaris

  • Child Policy:

    Children staying at Main Jock:
    • Main Jock accommodate families with children from 6 years and older on the following bases:
    • Applicable adult rate(s) will apply to children of all ages.
    • A minimum of three rooms must be booked per family in order to ensure that the family has sole use of a game viewing vehicle.

  • Rooms:

    Accommodation at Jock Safari Lodge
    Main Jock Lodge
    Carefully screened by lush trees and reed walls, the 12 individual thatched rooms at Jock Safari Lodge, impart a sense of aloneness and oneness with the landscape.
    Room Configuration
    All 12 rooms can sleep a maximum of 2 adults per room
    • 9 King bedded Luxury Rooms
    • 3 Twin bedded Luxury Rooms
    Room Features
    • Air conditioning
    • Private minibar
    • Hairdryer
    • Tea and coffee making facilities
    • Private plunge pool
    • International dial telephone
    • Electronic safe
    • Ceiling fan
    • En-suite bathroom, with outdoor shower
    • Sala (outdoor day bed) overlooking the river

  • Terms:

    • 25% Deposit will be required within 14 days of reservation being made
    • Balance will be required 40 days prior to arrival
    • Full pre payment will be required at time of booking for reservations made within 30 days of arrival
    Peak Season (15 December – 11 January)
    • Only written cancellations will be accepted; please ensure you receive an acknowledgment of cancellation from reservations
    • 50% of fee if cancellation is less than 60 days prior to arrival
    • 100% of fee if cancellation is less than 30 days prior to arrival
    • Only written cancellations will be accepted; please ensure you receive an acknowledgment of cancellation from reservations
    • 25% of fee if cancellation is less than 30 days prior to arrival
    • 50% of fee if cancellation is less than 15 days prior to arrival
    • 100% of fee if cancellation is less than 7 days prior to arrival

    Group Deposit, Payment and Cancellation
    · Policy applies to bookings of eight (8) or more people
    · A minimum of a 2 night stay applies throughout the year
    • A 10% non-refundable deposit may be requested at the time of booking in order to secure rooms, depending on the size of the group
    • A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable 90 days prior to arrival
    • A 100% non-refundable payment 60 days prior to arrival

    How do the prices work?
    All prices are quoted and invoiced in South African Rand (ZAR) on “per person per night” basis. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    Adult Prices
    • Adult rates apply to persons (12 years and older) sharing one room. Persons 12 years and older are considered adults and will therefore require their own room at the applicable rates.
    • Single rates are only applicable when one adult is staying by him/herself in one room . Not applicable when an adult is sharing with a child/children.
    • Note that all rooms can sleep a maximum of two adults.
    • Persons under the age of 16 years are not permitted on any walking safaris.

  • High Season Dates: STAYING BETWEEN 15 - 31 DECEMBER 2016
  • High Season Rates:

    R6375 per adult per night sharing

  • Normal Rates:

    R5970 per adult per night sharing (2 per room)

    R6375 per adult per night sharing

    R7 330per adult per night sharing

    R6 715 per adult per night sharing

    • lunch, dinner, breakfast,
    • high tea,
    • two game drives,
    • guided walks,
    • tea, coffee, water,
    • game drive beverages,
    • tourism levy and VAT.

    Please ask your Safari-Destinations consultant regarding a group discount for bookings of 8 adults or more.
    All rates & offers are subject to availability at time of booking
    Prices applicable to rooms and/or tents occupied by one adult can be requested.